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 Bowers & Wilkins has always aimed to produce the finest loudspeakers across a broad price spectrum. And the Domestic Monitors in the form of the DM1 and DM3 were launched to provide a more affordable option for potential customers. The idea of the Domestic Monitor lived on for many generations of superb and affordable loudspeakers, right to the current award-winning Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series.    




B&W Nautilus Speaker


It’s obvious that Nautilus is no ordinary loudspeaker, even before you listen to it. That’s because it’s the product of no ordinary speaker manufacturer. The Nautilus is the end result of the most ambitious research and development project Bowers & Wilkins has ever undertaken – to create, as near as possible, the perfect loudspeaker.When Bowers & Wilkins set out to create the world’s best loudspeaker, we asked ourselves some fundamental questions. Is it possible to create a theoretically perfect speaker – one that produces next to no distortion? Does a speaker have to be a box? If you remove the box, what would a speaker look like? More importantly, what would it sound like? The result was Nautilus.


B&W'S 804 D3 Floor Standing Speakers

804 product

It might have a more traditional appearance than other speakers in the range, but

don’t let that fool you. The 804 D3 delivers incredible acoustic transparency, thanks

to unique 800 Series Diamond features such as our Continuum cone and augmented

Matrix bracing system. So while its looks may be conventional, its performance is

anything but.



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