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Headquartered in Petaluma, California, USA   Furman is a product created by the Core Brands division of the Nortek Technology Solutions Segment ( NASDAQ listed company). Furman has been producing high-quality products since 1974. Their products fall into three broad categories: the professional audio and video signal processors on which the company was founded, the trusted AC power conditioning and distribution products for which they are best known, and the innovative energy management solutions which utilize their revolutionary BlueBOLT® cloud-based platform. Their products provide lightening, power surge protection, mains filtration, power stabilisation, power backup, power monitoring and power management. Applications for these products are no longer limited to music; Furman's product applications span a wide range of markets. Their highly acclaimed CE line, established in 2001, incorporates a complete line of AC power management products specifically engineered for today's custom home theater and audiophile systems. Additional applications for the products include sound reinforcement; home and professional recording; post production; broadcast systems; commercial audio/video installation; and commercial/residential energy monitoring and management. Furman’s focus on engineering innovative, leading edge AC power technologies has led to revolutionary developments such as their trusted, professional-grade Series Multi-Stage Protection, Linear Filtering Technology, Extreme Voltage Shutdown, True RMS Voltage Regulation, and Power Factor Technology. Furman provides a comprehensive range of premium power management solutions for A/V applications and innovative, easy-to-use energy monitoring and management solutions for residential and commercial use.


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• Power Factor Technology provides over 80Amps peak charge surplus current for power- starved


• Ultra-Linear Filtering Technology for stunning audio and video clarity

• Series Multi-Stage Protection provides virtually maintenance -free AC surge suppression

• Zero ground contamination circuitry protects critical digital components

• Ultra sonic bi-filtering isolates digital and video circuits from analog components


Remote Power & Energy Management Technology

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  • Save Time. Save Money. Save Energy.
  • BlueBOLT® Remote Power and Energy Management provides real-time, cloud based control and monitoring of the energy used by electronic devices.
  • From easy reboots of locked-up electronics to comprehensive energy tracking and scheduled conservation, 
  • The Power of Control - Anywhere in the World.
  • Go Green with Scheduled Conservation.
  • Standby power (sometimes called “vampire power”) - the power used by electronic devices when they are turned off - is often identified as one of the biggest wastes of electric power, adding up to more than $3 billion of annual energy costs in the U.S. alone*. BlueBOLT’s Scheduled Conservation allows the user to automatically shut off all power to electronic devices during non-use hours - providing a realworld solution to reducing energy bills and the impact on the environment.

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One of the most cost-effective upgrades you can buy for any high-quality audio system,

Aquarius is a multi-award-winning six-way mains conditioner that redefined the power

cleaning market. Two high-current outlets are provided for amplifiers, subwoofers and

so on, with four medium-current sockets for other components.


  • Removes Common Mode and Differential Mode mains noise.
  • RFI Reduction 60dB.
  • Six unique conditioning stages ensure optimal isolation between all outlets, eliminating   Differential Mode cross contamination.
  • KERP© (Kirchoff’s Equal Resistance Path) ensures equal resistance and equal power delivery to all outlets. No outlet gets power before the next, a common problem with other power products which daisy chain outlets together.
  • 67,500A of instantaneous protection, featuring IsoTek’s unique sequential protection system.
  • Internal wiring; solid core silver plated OFC copper with FEP and virtual air dielectric technology.
  • Two high-current outlets delivering 3,680W continuous. Four medium-current outlets delivering 1,150W continuous.
  • Available in UK, EU, US, AU, CH and ZA sockets.



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