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Since 1968 we’ve been driven by a simple belief; that music should always sound amazing. Nearly 50 years on, we’re still striving to deliver the best audio products to listeners who, like us, love music. When we tune our products we seek that moment when your heart starts racing, your foot starts tapping and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. We’re dedicated to delivering audio experiences that genuinely move you. We do this because we love music and we want to remind you why you fell in love with music in the first place. It’s more than just a song or a film; it's a feeling, a memory and a moment. We live on London’s Southbank and take our cues from the culture, energy and creativity that surrounds us. We stay fiercely independent, doing things our own way because, we hope you'll agree, great things happen when people who love music make audio products.









Aeromax 6

Flagship floor standing speakers

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Expanding on the radical design found in the award winning Aero speakers, Aeromax 6 has been tuned to the max to become even better sounding than its predecessor. Available in beautiful, modern, gloss black and white lacquer finishes and with a more coherent and immersive sound, Aeromax 6 is innovative, stylish and ideal for those who want the best stereo performance.



  • Fequency response: 30Hz - 22kHz
  • Recommended amplifier power: 25-120 Watts
  • Drivers: 1 x BMR 46mm (2")
    2 x 165mm (6.5") high power subwoofer
  • Colour: Black Gloss or White Gloss
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 240 x 980 x 344mm (9.4 x 38.6 x 13.5")
  • Weight: 17kg (37.4lbs)

Azur 851 Series

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All the 851 Series have been designed with toroidal transformers and use audiophile-grade internal components throughout. Signal paths have been optimised, and in the case our 851A Integrated Amp and 851W Power Amp, patented Class XD amplification used to take sonic excellence of Class A and marry it with the efficiency of Class AB to create amps with power and control over even the most demanding speakers. The 851E Pre Amp and 851A Integrated Amp offer a wealth of connection options no matter how high-end your system. If you’ve gone digital, our 851C CD player, 851D DAC and 851N Network player can all link directly to our 851W power amp, keeping the signal in its digital form until the last possible moment for sonic purity. The digital realm is where the 851 series excel. The 851C, 851D and 851N all have on-board DACs, and will up sample signals to 24bit/384kHz, revealing music details that lesser units miss. Your CD collection has never sounded better, your iPod becomes an integral part of your hi-fi, and Spotify Connect becomes a revelation with the 851N. Whatever units you partner, you’re assured of the very best listening experience.



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