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A love of music. A passion for innovation. A flair for industrial design. A quest for detail. The innate ability to prove the naysayers wrong time and time again. This is who we are. Like many audiophiles, David Salz has spent decades refining his music listening experience. He is driven to create solutions that give his own passion for music the clarity the art of sound deserves. The closer we get to bringing the intensity and beauty of live music to your listening room, the closer we have come to achieving our goals. It began in the '80s when David realized the only way to figure out what was being lost by a cable was to remove it altogether. Listening tests with a cable vs. with components directly connected with no cable was the only way to actually hear what was being lost. This method then led to several patents as David continued to refine his cable designs to perform more and more closely to a direct connection. In short, David developed more effective testing that provided real answers and real solutions, not just different results. In the '90s David partnered with V.P. / Operations, Sara Flaaten, and together they moved the company in a direction of steady growth and progress with dedication to loyal, well-trained staff and excellent customer service; people that take pride in creating a product that truly does live up to its reputation. Try a Wire world cable for yourself if the feeling of a live performance is what you want for your listening experience.



Innovative testing is the very foundation of Wire world’s  technological advances in design, materials and performance.With the invention of the CES Innovations Award winning Cable Comparator,we created a tool that allowed us to instantly compare cables to the only scientific reference standard for cable fidelity, a direct connection between components.While others test their cables against other cables, Wire world utilizes the pure sound of a direct connection as our benchmark, creating new design geometries and custom material compounds based on tried and true scientific principles in an effort to attain that same perfection in our cables.This testing advantage has led to several patents including DNA Helix, and has enabled us to refine and improve the material blends in our ultra-quiet Composilex 2 insulation.


Platinum Starlight 7



The Platinum Starlight 7 is the ultimate HDMI cable; incorporating carbon fiber plugs and solid silver conductors in the patented DNA Helix design for the richest sound and most vivid imaging available. HD-Grip plug contacts ensure a secure connection.

  • DESIGN: DNA Helix
  • SIGNAL CONDUCTORS: Qty: 24    Gauge: 23AWG  |  0.25 sq. mm
  • CONDUCTOR MATERIAL: Solid silver
  • INSULATION: Composilex 2
  • PLUG CONTACTS: HD-Grip, silver + gold plating
  • NOTE: HD -All lengths exceed HDMI 2.0/4K speed

        Island 7


Island 7

 Building on the success of International multi-award Winning Island 5.2 and 6, the Island 7 is the latest entry level HDMI cable from Wire world. Enjoy all the performance benefits of Wire world’s flat, flexible Symmetricon design at an entry level price.

  • DESIGN: Symmetricon
  • SIGNAL CONDUCTORS:  Qty: 16    Gauge: 28AWG | 0.8 sq. mm
  • CONDUCTOR MATERIAL: Oxygen-Free Copper
  • INSULATION: Composilex 2
  • PLUG CONTACTS: HD-Grip, silver + gold plating
  • NOTE: All lengths exceed HDMI 2.0/4K speed

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